Another former UT employee shares her experience with athletes on the hill.

There's two sides to the story and former UT employee who worked in environment with athletes had this to say about her experiences:

My heart absolutely breaks for the lies that are being spread about the UT football team. I knew many of these guys being accused. I was friends with AJ and Curt, I was also friends with former UT football players. At times it was me and 10 of them in a room, alone. I never once felt threatened. If anything they gave me the utmost respect. I would say one word and they would listen. At no time whatsoever did I ever feel sexually harassed or threatened. I went to UT for 7 years. Working one on one with these men I never felt unsafe. If anything, one night I was outside of a club and a man was pushing my roommate around and one of them came running from Vol Hall and stepped in between and helped my friend. I don't want to comment on the accusers because honestly I've probably met them at the various football parties I attended. But it's sad to think they are filing a lawsuit against UT for the money while the university's reputation is being ruined. I have a lot of stories that are too personal to really broadcast but I know that these claims are absolutely ridiculous.